The Adonis Golden Ratio System

adonis-golden-ratio-reviewMost men believe that women are attracted to them if they have great-looking bodies. However, not everyone has that kind of body, but that it is not impossible to have is wrong to believe. While some hit the gym and get that ripped look, a majority of men are unable to do so no matter how much they exercise or lift weights. Some people are genetically built that way and as much as they would want a great-looking body, they cannot achieve it. The Adonis Golden Ratio program is built for people like them.

If you think that the men who have sexy muscular bodies have achieved it in a matter of months or weeks, you are wrong. It takes years of vigorous routines to be able to have that perfect sculpted body. Some even go to the extremes of taking steroids and supplements without being aware of their consequences. John Barban, creator of the Adonis Golden Ratio, shows you the correct way to build muscles by not targeting a specific area but the body as a whole to attain a proportionate look.





What makes the program different is that it does not take a single route for all body types. In fact, it has a different routine for each one so that results are achieved accordingly. Also, it is not just about packing in muscles, but a proportionate distribution of muscles in totality. You do not want to be looking ripped and sexy from some angles and ugly from another. Adonis Golden Ratio is modeled to produce the looks of Greek Gods, like Adonis, God of beauty and desire as seen in sculptures.


Adonis-Golden-Ratio-Training-Program (1)Through the program, Balban reiterates how important it is to lay focus on the overall look of your body. The idea is to get a perfect ratio from the shoulder to the leg muscles. Available in a downloadable PDF format, the system begins with first selecting the right routine for your body type. Your category is determined by your height, weight and waist measurements. Included is a huge list of instructional videos that talks you through exercises that are good and bad for you.


There is also a nutritional guide that tells you which foods are right and those that are not. The videos help you understand the flaws in your diet and how you can improve your dietary habits and instead eat food that works well with your body type. As an experienced supplement industry advisor, Balban states in the Adonis Golden Ratio system that most supplements are a waste of money and discloses the ones he trusts that genuinely burn fat.

The comprehensive system offers you all the advice that you will ever need. If you still wish to learn more, a community forum is available where you can join discussions and share experiences. The forum works as a morale booster for you! Who says the program is easy to follow, but if you are determined, you can do it. The fact that Adonis Golden Ratio is just a 12-week program, suitable for anyone and everyone, makes it worth a try.